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Trabajos Primary

Primary 6

Project: Fotografía digital

En el marco de las clases de Tecnología y Plástica P5 y P6 desarrollamos el proyecto de fotografía. Aprendimos sobre la evolución tecnológica de la cámara fotográfica y sus creadores Niepce y Daguerre. Trabajamos los temas a fotografiar teniendo en cuenta el arte objetual, la composición, marcando planos y detalles. En base a todo esto los alumnos sacaron fotos Realizamos una selección que podrán ver en los siguientes links:

Project: Posters with Graphic Editors

This year Primary 6 students illustrated the programmes for their School Play, “I want some more...” based on Oliver Twist, in their IT lessons using a graphic editor as a part of this interdisciplinary project.

posterposterposter posterposterposterposter

“I want some more...” based on Oliver Twist


“Dead Man´s Chest”

poster 1poster 2poster 3poster 4

“The Mystery of the Lamp”

poster 1poster 2poster 3poster 4poster 5poster 6

“A Tale as Old as Time”

By Serafini & KimBy Alvarez & ZuninoBy Storchi & SanguinettiBy Chung & FernándezBy Rainuzzo & Mouzo

“From OZ to BDS”


Primary 5

Project: Polygons with Microworlds

Microworlds proved to be a great ally to help P3 through P5 students transform geometrical shapes / polygons into everyday life objects, animals, monsters and robots.

polígonos 1polígonos 2polígonos 3polígonos 4
polígonos 1polígonos 2polígonos 3


Primary 4 & 5

Project: Photo Editing with Microworlds

photo editing 1photo editing 2photo editing 3


Primary 3

Proyecto: Con sello propio (Diseño de escudos)

La docente Cristina Rizzo nos hizo saber que "Los chicos de P3A plasmaron algunos contenidos desarrollados en el marco del Proyecto de Autoestima, en escudos que representan al curso. Por un lado, hubo un trabajo de reconocimiento de gustos, valores, ideas y deseos propios del grupo. Luego, un proceso de simbolización, sobre la base de una estructura heráldica típica, que analizamos en clase, a partir del escudo institucional del BDS. Finalmente, con algunos aportes de las familias, llegaron los escudos, que engalanaron los pasillos de Primary..."

Lengua, Historia, Lógica, Ética, Plástica y Diseño... ¡Cuántas disciplinas caben en un proyecto!


Primary 5b

Proyecto: El fantasma de Gardel ataca de nuevo

La profesora Lorena Scigliano hechó a rodar la imaginación de los chicos tomando como disparador la lectura del libro "El fantasma de Gardel ataca el Abasto", de E. Gonzalez, y nos cuenta sobre este proyecto que se enmarca a partir del área de lengua.

Como muestra el gráfico, el proyecto integró distintas áreas de contenido creando una verdadera red de conocimientos.

"A partir de la lectura del libro, los alumnos investigaron acerca de la historia del barrio de Balvanera, del mercado, sobre Gardel y el tango. Además en el proyecto participaron otras áreas como Arte con el fileteado, Informática con la programación de la presentación y Música con el tango como danza y como canción. La experiencia resultó muy buena, fue una producción enriquecedora."

Proyecto "Tango" 2.5 MB

Proyecto "Abasto" 3.6 Mb

Proyecto "Gardel" 2.5 MB

1- Instalar plug-in de Microworlds: Descargar mwplugin.exe (3.7 Mb) e instalarlo haciendo doble click sobre el nombre del archivo. El programa instalador lo guiará por sucesivas pantallas hasta su instalación completa.
2- Descargar los proyectos que desee ver, haciendo click en el título deseado. Obtendrá un archivo .zip (descompactarlo haciendo doble click sobre el nombre del archivo).
3- Abrir (doble click) el archivo .html en su PC.

Primary 6

Project: Life under the sea

Teachers Alicia Rodríguez and Sandra Cecchini report:

"We started the project investigating about the characteristics of living things. Then we concentrated on life under the sea. The class was divided into seven groups and each worked on different sea animals.
Juani (Juan Ignacio Souto), Gastón (Kuracz) and Martín (Roccatagliata) worked on lobsters and this is the outcome of their investigation."

Lobsters Mind Map

View the Powerpoint Presentation on Lobsters.

Gastón, congratulations on your fantastic web page!


Another group dealt with Starfish.

Below you'll find Angie's (Ángeles Glucksmann), Nico's (Nicolás Cervera) and Belu's (Belén Simonian) production.

Starfish Mind Map

View the Powerpoint Presentation on Starfish.


Sharks was the subject Julieta Cipriani, Belen Baña and Katherine Breitman chose to develop. Kate did the Powerpoint Presentation and together with Angie worked out the mind map.

Sharks Mind Map

View the Powerpoint Presentation on Sharks.

Primary 4

Windows on the World

Teachers Mónica Douglas and Alina Tomino report:

"Thanks to the Internet now P4 is getting overseas. We plunged into the project of corresponding schools abroad and contacted one in Kent (England), Woodchurch Primary School. We dealt with different aspects of school life and the way we work at Project Time. It was a perfect continuity of the project "friendly letters" that started within the class and later crossed its bounderies.
Below, you'll find some of the letters sent to e-pals abroad."

Our names are Nicolás and Agustín, we're two boys. We're nine years old. We're going to write about what we do in the classroom and about the uniform we wear. We're working on a project about food. We'll soon do a project on Vikings. In the morning we learn Spanish. In the afternoon we learn English. We've 14 more special subjects such as Physical Education, Technology, Drama, Music, Singing and Religion. We sometimes work in pairs, like today. Every Friday we have an activity called SPECIAL DAY!
A child is chosen and he/she has to complete a mind map, with personal information. We write our favourite things such as books, our goals, what we think about as, favourite pets, our favourite place at home and our favourite food. Every child has to tell the Special Day child something nice about him.
Our first project was Friendly letters that's why we have a copybook called Friendly Deeds copybook. Every week we take it home so our family can write messages too.
Every day we have 3 children have their presentations. We have to prepare a special subject each one because at more or less at the End of the year we have Trinity College exam.
In two weeks time we'll have our winter holidays. In Argentina it's winte r now.

Nicolás Rainuzzo and Agustín Piperno

Hello we are Sofia and Katherine, we are from Belgrano Day School.

We have many teachers, Monica is our English teacher, and she teaches us homophones, past tense etc. Our Spanish teacher is Annabel and she teaches mathematics, language, science, etc. We have another teacher that is called Lizzie, she teaches us to paint and draw. Maria Angelica is our teacher that teaches music and how to play the flute. Our teachers are wonderful, polite, kind and intelligent because they went to the school. With Monica we do special days.
Our Computer teachers are Lucia and Celia. We have a Religion teacher that is called Dora. She teaches us THE WORD of GOD. In August we are going to have the First Communion. Another teacher we have is Cristina of technology and she teaches us how to do things with the hands. What's the name of your teacher?


Sofía Guixa and Katherine Berrios

At breaktime we play tag with the boys and sometimes we fight. We have three breaks, in the second break we have more time. We play in the covered yard, it's a special yard for raining days. The yard is very big and is all green, yellow and white. We have five yards to choose for games. One of the yards is connected to the yard senior school. We have many tall trees. There aren't games in our yard, but in kinder garten there are.

There is a big tuck-shop at school. There we buy food, drinks and candies. Next to the tuck-shop there is a room for the mothers to prepare things for the plays. First, second, third and sixth grades have break before us at midday. Fourth and fifth have break after them. Next to one of the yard we have gym. Sometimes sixth grade plays in a big yard. There is a yard where the boys can play football.

Melanie, Gloria, Sol and María

We are Camila and Micaela, how are you? We want to tell you how we work in class. We have to be at school at 8:00 and at 8:15 the limit bell rings. We have to go to our houses at 4:05. We have Spanish in the morning and English in the afternoon. Our Project is 'Food'. We have Presentations, Special days and Friendly Deeds. In the Presentations Monica (our teacher), chooses a topic and we have to study it and present it. In October we sit for an Exam called Trinity Collage. For Trinity Collage Exam an English man comes to ask questions or listen our presentations. The special day is a special day for a child, the special child chooses a hat to wear. All the children have to say one positive thing. You can write it on a card or just say what you think. The friendly deeds are special copybooks that your can write you positive things or questions.

Camila Mateo and Micaela Arslanian

Lautaro, Alvaro, Kevin and Brian have lunch in the cafeteria but... first we line up in turns, we take the trays, the forks, the spoons and the glasses.
Then we get the food. Sometimes we eat pasta and rice and sometimes meat, eggs for dessert it can be fruit, ice cream or cakes.
Then all the children leave the dirty trays in a window inside the cafeteria. A man takes all the trays to clean them. Then we go out for break.
The school chooses the food that we eat and the dessert.

Juan Bautista. He brings his lunch from home. He has to warm the food. He can sit where he wants and he can go to the break when he finishes. He doesn't have to wait to his friends. He goes directly to break.

Agustin goes home for lunch and he can eat what he wants. He also plays with the playstation, and watches TV. He is lucky!

Lautaro, Alvaro, Kevin and Brian


Windows on the World: We got mail!

And here are the replies from our friends in Kent:

My name is Hannah H. I want to know all about you! What are your rules? Our main rule is do not talk when the teacher is talking. What happens if you break the rules?
We have to stay in at break. Are your teachers strict? My teacher is sometimes strict. She shouts very loud!
What is your uniform like? Are you allowed trousers if you are a girl? We are. We can wear polo shirts if we want.
They aren't as stiff as normal shirts. What colour is your uniform? Ours is red with a windmill on the jumper.
Do you have to wear black shoes? We are allowed to wear black and brown shoes. We are also allowed red.
Write back soon.

Hello my name is Rebecca, I come from Woodchurch primary school. At school play time in the playground. I play on the climbing frame only when it's our turn, and I play football and I play other games. Our uniform is a red woolly jumper, a white soft polo shirt, black and grey trousers and a grey skirt or a red and white check dress for girls. Our rules are good because if there weren't any rules people could get hurt or people could go around school doing nothing and escaping from school. At lunchtime I sit on a table with other people and it's very good because if we didn't have lunchtime people would get very hungry and thirsty.
We learn literacy, numeracy, art, dt, geography, ict, spelling, pshe, history and that's all I can think of. I learn my times tables with my teachers and I am quite good at them Bye…

Hi, I'm Alice.
I'm going to tell you a bit about our school. First is uniform. We wear red jumpers and white polo shirts. In winter we wear grey or black trousers.
In the summer we wear summer dresses. That's for girls. For boys they wear blackish grey trousers and red jumpers with polo shirts.
Second thing Playtime. At playtime we play on a play train, a house, a boat, and a climbing frame. We have 15 mins at morning break and 45mins at lunchtime break. We also have a hopscotch and number snake and noughts and crosses table. So I hope you have enjoyed reading my letter.


From Alice


My school is called Woodchurch Church of England Primary School, however most of us call it “Woodchurch Primary”. At Woodchurch we all have to wear a uniform, which is grey trousers or skirt, a white T-shirt and a red cardigan to jumper. We have to arrive at 8.45am and start at 8.55am. When we arrive at school at 8.45am we go straight into our classes and settle down.
At 8.55am when we are ready to start our teacher takes our register to see who is at school. After this she call the lunch register where she finds out who is having cooked lunch or packed lunch.

After register one of us takes it down to the secretary and we then start work. The type of work we do is literacy, numeracy, art, science, physical education, religious education, design and technology.

My favourite subjects are art, numeracy and science.

We have in my school 5 teachers and a headmistress. We have a break in the morning and a lunchbreak, and a different class each day can have 10 children play on the climbing frame, as for safety reason we can only have ten children on the frame.

Bye for now.


Hi, I ‘m Hannah I'm going to tell you about what we wear. Our colour is red, white and grey in the spring and summer we have a red and white check Dress for the girls, polo shirts with grey shorts for the boy's and the teachers wear what they want all year round. In the autumn and winter we have grey trousers, a white-sleeved shirt and a red sweatshirt for everyone.

We also have rules I'm in badger's class so most important rule is always treat other people, as you would like to be treated.
Our rule that we always have to remember is respect the school ground's like it's your home, But around the school we have bits of paper that have the golden rules on them. We have to abide by them at all times. If you don't follow the rules we get sent down to the blue bench and we have to miss some playtime. We also have a brown bench and a buddy bench we go on the brown bench if we are felling sick and on the buddy one if we don't have any one to play with.

bye from


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